Opportunities for Work and Graduate Study

Anyone interested in work or research opportunities relating to historical data in the context of graduate programmes at the University of Guelph may contact the Project Director Dr. Kris Inwood. For information about graduate programmes see the relevant departmental information.

History MA and PhD: http://www.uoguelph.ca/history/triu.shtml

Economics MA and PhD: http://www.economics.uoguelph.ca/Graduate/gradintro.htm

Geography MA and PhD: http://www.geography.uoguelph.ca/graduate/pro-grad/index.htm

Sociology MA: http://www.sociology.uoguelph.ca/graduate_program/index.htm

Political Science MA: http://www.polisci.uoguelph.ca/gradprog/

Agricultural Economics MSc and PhD: http://aeb.uoguelph.ca/grad/

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