Project Director: Kris Inwood, Economics, University of Guelph since 2005. The first project director 2003-2005 was Kevin James.

Senior Academic Advisor: Doug McCalla

Post-Doctoral Fellows and visitors to the project are listed at the appropriate page of the Historical Data Research Unit.

Office Co-ordinator: Jean Dalgleish came to the project in 2003 with a BA in Economic History, an MA in History and experience as an academic manager at London’s Westminster Institute.  In her role as office co-ordinator and personnel manager Jean is responsible for day-to-day management and supervision of staff.

Database Manager: Chelsea Jack came to the project in 2005 while completing an honours BA in English and History.  In 2008 she completed an MA thesis using the 1891 data to examine asylums for the insane during the 19th century. Chelsea also manages the the 1871 database project .

Personnel: The students and staff who plan, manage and carry out the work of database construction are the heart of the 1891 project. The development of skills, expertise and understanding is an explicit goal of the 1891 project. For a listing of student contributions please click here.

University Staff: The project would not be possible without the assistance of University staff from the Departments of Economics, College of Arts, Office of Research, Library, and Computing and Communication Services.

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